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3KB SPACE is a creative studio. Based on the outskirts of Delhi. We specialize in the creation of high-end visual assets. Working with architects, designers and manufacturers. We create an expression of the passion and time that has gone into bringing an idea to life. However, it does not stop there, if you are not in these categories and need our services, get in touch!

In any case, our aim is to achieve the highest quality visual content. Inspired by the passion and fierce dedication to producing beautiful content. Whilst also understanding the need to work to tight deadlines in a fast-paced industry. Ultimately, we always aim to push the boundaries, evolve alongside the significant developments in software and processing power. Above all, we work closely with our clients so that we build creative and strategic solutions to their challenges.

3KB Space sees architecture and design as vehicles for improving people's lives. No matter the scale of the project, they work hard to ensure each solution they devise keeps the individual firmly at the center.

They have been working in their field since 2012 and have developed a reputation for excellence that reaches much further than just their home base of San Francisco. For more information about working with 3KB Space, get in touch or check out their comprehensive Commercial Architect Portfolio.

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3KB Space is a dedicated team of visualization who ventured into the world of 3D Architectural Rendering and other 3D visualization. Our design feedback and technical knowledge transform your inspiration into realistic and high-quality output with complete satisfaction. We speak the same “language” and share the same “artistic sensibility” with our clients.


Our vision is to revolutionize the standard of 3D Rendering services into a sophisticated aesthetic and technical support to Architects and Interior Designers. We follow the client in every step of the development, with constant communication and extreme flexibility, delivering always high quality and unique products.

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We create an image that can communicate. Our top priority is to full or exceed client specifications and ensure time-bound delivery of projects, regardless of design or drawing complexity. We have the passion and the ability to focus on even the smaller details and we will transform your inspiration into realistic and high-quality renderings.

To Who We Work For

A major challenge faced by the construction business is keeping all stakeholders on the same page by depicting a mental picture of what kind of structure is to be created. By turning 2D drawings into reality, 3D animation and visualization enable clients to get a three-dimensional view with real effects which the 2D effect failed to offer.

3D visualizations, graphic and animation help design a comprehensive recreation of the building or structure in a manner as it would appear in realtime. Clients can experience and have a virtual tour of the structure before its actual construction while architects or developers can get a better idea of critical areas.

Showcase your Projects at the time of bidding stage.

How We Work For

Architectural 3D visualization projects are very interesting and profitable proposition from a business perspective. They need to be highly detailed, photorealistic and in high definition format these days. Let us decode the benefits of using 3D rendering services and how they help in designing and pre-construction.

Architectural and Interior Design firms. Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe have been utilizing this new technology to fulfil most of their design and development requirements. Large construction companies in USA work on large scale billion-dollar construction projects, which utilize 3D rendering services for presentation and marketing.

And 3KBS is here for your all needs……

How You Work For

From a marketing standpoint, rendering has greatly succeeded in a number of products globally. Verizon uses 3D Animation on its website to sell most of the high-volume products. NASA uses this technology to publicize news articles to offer the most recent developments about their organization to the public view.

Difficult to explain concepts are best explained visually. With rendering, companies are able to send an advertisement out for a product often before it’s even constructed. During the stages of prototyping, consumers get to see a realistic depiction of how their image or animation is turning out in a better way to for the public consultant

This is how you can also impress your clients….

How Beneficial We are !!!

The Benefits of 3D Visualization are becoming more recognized as a necessary and important part of architecture and transportation projects.  Civil FX was recently called upon to create graphics for an infrastructure project in Las Vegas. Not only did the visualizations help win a 1+ Billion dollar project, but also 3KBS is now currently taking the lead with the visualizations!  This has been an exciting project to work on, and it and other projects we are working no have pushed us to create highly accurate, high definition visualizations to show the public what the project will look like once completed.

As the cost for quality 3D visualization for Architectural, transportation or civil projects has gone down in the past decade, the uses and benefits for this powerful form of communication have grown as well.  We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 ways visualization can help your project, many of which we’ve seen first hand as we’ve has completely focused on 3D visualization over the past several years.  For a more comprehensive list of benefits for different industries see this article: 50 Ways 3D Visualization Can Help You...................


Our clients’ concepts, ideas and inspiration ultimately shape our premium end deliverables.

Our goal is to create the most modern, realistic visualizations for clients with diverse needs and scopes of work.

Now more than ever, the demand for 3D Rendering that’s both beautiful and realistic is very high. That’s why we are very proud to present the very latest and greatest tools, modern technology techniques and professional artists to refine your outcomes.

We start by considering client blueprints and sketches, aligning expectations and communicating concepts. We then observe, listen and absorb client expectations, followed by providing a realistic scope of work and anticipated delivery date. Finally, upon delivery, we provide the opportunity for any revisions as necessary.
We work with various professionals in order to integrate and refine your design goals, such as: Architects, Builders, Planners, Developers, Interior Designers, Engineers and Furniture Producers.

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